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EVE Online's 3rd CSM election results are in

James Egan

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) in EVE Online is a body of players elected by the game's subscribers to represent their interests before CCP Games. We've seen no small amount of debate on the CSM in the comments here at Massively, which is actually indicative of the lengthy and contentious discussions on the CSM that take place on the official forums and unofficial forums alike, as well as on player blogs.

We'd already mentioned that the 3rd Council of Stellar Management elections were under way but now those election results are in. Two council members from the 2nd CSM were-elected -- Vuk Lau and Omber Zombie. Dierdra Vaal, who sat on the first CSM, has been elected as well. In fact Vaal garnered the most votes in this election (2967) and is thus the new Chairman of the Council of Stellar Management. 9.7% of EVE Online's playerbase voted in the 3rd Council of Stellar Management election.

A new dev blog from CCP Xhagen, Meet the Delegates of the Third CSM, breaks down the election results by real name, character name, country, and votes received, and provides the same information for the candidates who will serve as alternate Council members. The 3rd CSM will have their first meeting this Saturday, May 30th, and the meeting minutes will be made available shortly thereafter. For more on the 3rd CSM election results, be sure to check out CCP Xhagen's dev blog, which also breaks down the voter demographics in this election.

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