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FiOS TV expansions: May 30, 2009


After taking a week off from making any expansions of note, Verizon's back to its old self, delivering FiOS TV to residents of North Texas covering more than 27,000 households in Allen, Bartonville, Colleyville, Double Oak, Flower Mound, Frisco, Grapevine, Keller, Plano and Watauga. In a look ahead, its business unit just finished testing out some 100G (gigabytes per second testing) in the UK, promising higher speeds for its optical networks in the future which we're sure will someday trickle down to the lowly consumer level. Also, the company checked in with the FCC to argue against cable TV providers from blocking its access to regional sports networks. Finally, we've just got to give a shout out to former EHD lead, current jkOnTheRun Managing Editor and good friend Kevin Tofel for getting FiOS in his neck of the woods and apparently not waiting a moment to sign up. That should about cover it, let us know if you saw any other happenings in the last seven days in the comments.

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