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J!NX launches WoW summer collection

Zach Yonzon

It looks like those creative folks over at J!NX have come up with another batch of World of Warcraft-themed clothing for their summer 2009 collection, and I've got to say that they look pretty darned good. While the first batch of WoW class shirts were nice, I wasn't entirely sold on them. They were good, but personally not good enough for me to run over to Hot Topic and pick one up on impulse. I mean, I wanted to order, but pennypinching prudence got the better of me. The summer collection has a latecomer Death Knight class shirt in the style of the first batch, completing the set, as well as two new class shirts that trample all over my aforementioned prudence.

My wallet is spared for a little while, thankfully, as the first designs are for Hunters and Warriors. As soon as they release the Paladin and Warlock versions, however, my cursor will be on that checkout button faster than you can say "Arenas suck," as the new designs are graphic design home runs. Speaking of home runs, the summer 2009 collection also has a pair of new baseball team shirts -- the Ironforge Anvils and the Thunder Bluff Warstompers -- to go along with the Darnassus Nightsabers, Gnomeregan Bombardiers, Undercity Gravediggers and Durotar's own Hellscream Warchiefs. Likewise, when Silvermoon City's expansion team shirt becomes available, I'll have a few more clothes to fatten my closet. Check out the collection at J!NX and maybe you'll find something to wear at BlizzCon other than that Sea Cows t-shirt you were hoping would score you some points with the ladies.

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