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E3 2009: We're here!

Mark the occasion: 11:10am E3 Time (that's 2:10pm Joystiq Time). The first Joystiq footsoldiers have touched down in LA, taken up defenses in a local Starbucks, and begun planning for coordinated pickups from the nearby LAX transportation facility. For the next five days, our highly trained video game Blog Force will infiltrate the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and surgically extract all the "scoops" and "hot stories" our rusty old internet trucks can possibly deliver back to you, Reader.

To that end, you'll want to make a note: for our fully optimized E3 experience, you can redirect your internet browser of choice to where we're collecting not only all of Team Joystiq's stories, but also presenting stories from our colleagues at Engadget, Massively, Big Download, and GameDaily.

Let's go!

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