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Rumor: Square-Enix to debut unannounced MMO at E3?


While we've known of a new Square-Enix MMO that has been in the works for some time now, we've recently received information that Square might be showing off this unannounced title during a special press conference on Wednesday at E3.

The conference doesn't have specific details as to what's going to be presented, but fellow press site Gameplayer has made the claim that it will be this unannounced project, codenamed Rapture. Rapture will be a PC and PS3 only title, with Sony announcing the game during their own press conference, scheduled for Tuesday.

Currently only Gameplayer has announced these details, putting this story firmly in the category of rumor. However,'s Shawn Schuster, Elizabeth Harper, and Krystalle Voecks will be on site to follow up on the story and deliver the latest announcements as they occur during our coverage of E3. If this is a taste of what Square-Enix has to offer us, then it's going to be one heck of a week next week!

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