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Engadget arrives at E3 2009!

Ross Miller

We've landed in somewhat sunny Los Angeles, just in time to watch the (de)construction of a mountain of miscellany in front of the LA Convention Center's South Hall. It's gonna be a long week for us covering all the hottest hardware and gaming peripherals, including DJ Hero, Beatles Rock Band, and we're thinking a few non-surprises from the likes of Microsoft and Sony. We've joined forces with our cohorts at Joystiq in creating a dedicated E3 2009 hub to satiate all your game news needs, as well as keep track of when all the keynotes are going down -- but of course if you're just interested in the Engadget side of things, you know where to look.

Things kick off tomorrow -- June 1st -- with Microsoft's press conference, and we'll be there blowing it out live. Here's when all the fun begins:

- Hawaii
10:25AM - Pacific
11:25AM - Mountain
12:25PM - Central
01:25PM - Eastern
05:25PM - GMT
06:25PM - London
07:25PM - Paris
02:25AM - Tokyo (June 2nd)

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