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Namco promotes pummeling through its Tekken 6 tournament


Those of you who aren't lucky enough to attend E3, this is not the post for you. For the remainder of you, however, we would like to let you know that Namco Bandai would like to test your Tekken 6 mettle at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo through an open tournament.

The company will host a two-day "Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion arcade tournament" at its booth on Wednesday, June 3, and Thursday, June 4, with the company opening sign-ups on Tuesday, June 2, to anyone passing through Namco's area on the show floor. Namco Bandai mentions a "grand prize," though the details of what this undoubtedly spectacular prize will be were not given. We have a feeling the only thing people participating in this tournament will win is less time with the other great games at the show.

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