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Rock Band Wiikly: Alice Cooper tracks are out for summer


This week, the Rock Band 2 Wii DLC collection receives a much-needed infusion of back-catalog content, including a set of six vaguely shocking classic rock songs from Alice Cooper. In addition, nineteen more blasts from the past will be available tomorrow for 200 Wii Points each, from Roy Orbison, Queens of the Stone Age, and more. We know it's hard to pay attention to Rock Band news that isn't about The Beatles, but this has the benefit of being available. Soon.

  • "Under My Wheels" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "I'm Eighteen" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "Billion Dollar Babies" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "School's Out" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "Poison" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "Vengeance is Mine" Live -- Alice Cooper
  • "Move Along" -- The All-American Rejects
  • "It Hurts" -- Angels & Airwaves
  • "Hard to Handle" (Cover) -- The Black Crowes
  • "Fortunate Son" (Cover) -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • "Jukebox Hero" (Cover) -- Foreigner
  • "Die Alright" -- The Hives
  • "3s & 7s" -- Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Little Sister" -- Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Sick Sick Sick" -- Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Claudette" -- Roy Orbison
  • "In Dreams" -- Roy Orbison
  • "Mean Woman Blues" -- Roy Orbison
  • "Oh, Pretty Woman" -- Roy Orbison
  • "Ooby Dooby" -- Roy Orbison
  • "You Got It" -- Roy Orbison
  • "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?" -- Taking Back Sunday
  • "Liar" -- Taking Back Sunday
  • "MakeDamnSure" -- Taking Back Sunday
  • "Song with a Mission" -- The Sounds

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