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Canesta gesture controlled TV frees us from the tyranny of the remote


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See the look of euphoric bliss on this man's face? He's calm and relaxed because he is using Canesta's new gesture TV control technology. No longer does this cat have to scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of channels on a standard channel listing. Au contraire, today he's using his right hand to wave through a cover view-esque selection of stations, and boy does he make it look easy. The heart of this bad boy is a low-cost 3-D chip that uses a single CMOS sensor to output a continuous stream of depth maps that can be interpreted by as specific gestures, obstacles, faces, or individuals, depending upon the application. Although the current demo might be especially appealing to you and your couch-potato brethren, the company has big plans for this device in the realms of security, robotics, medical devices, and more. But first, it will have to tear itself away from the couch, Video after the break.

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