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Update: European weekly maintenance: 3rd June 2009

Lesley Smith

It's Wednesday once more in Europe and Blizzard has been busy. After the implementation of multilingual battle groups last week, they seemed to like it so much that they're merging some more, this time on a bigger scale. Hopefully all this should be happening between 3:00am and 11:00am CEST, but judging by some of the problems experienced by Americans yesterday, this could easily changed. Just keep calm and carry on.

So during the maintenance tomorrow, we will not only be getting patch 3.1.3, various battle groups will be shoved together and renamed.

  • Bloodlust (hey that's me) and Cataclysme will become Cataclysm/Cataclysme
  • Cyclone and Todbringer will become Cyclone/Wirbeisturm
  • Conviction and Raserei will become Frenzy/Raserei
  • Rampage and Ferocite will become Rampage/Saccage
  • Reckoning and Verderbnis will become Reckoning/Abrechnung
  • Ruin and Glutsturm will become Emberstorm/Glutsturm
  • Vengeance and Schattenbrand will become Vengeance/Rache, and finally
  • Sturmangroff and Represailles will become Sturmangriff/Charge

So while you're waiting for all this to happen, there's plenty to do. We've got patch notes for 3.1.3, there are the new Tauren kitty forms to drool over and you could even download the authenticator app from EU iTunes stores. As usual one of my American colleagues - this week Alex Z. - has compiled a fun post to read that rounds up all the interesting tidbits which have been happening for your amusement to tide you over until the servers pop back up.

UpdatE: Maintenance has now been extended to 1pm CEST.

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