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Homebrew: This is what Patapon on DS looks like

Majed Athab

Anyone who has heard of PSP knows of Patapon. It's one of the most popular titles on that platform and is quite a unique and engaging experience. But, what if you're a DS owner; how will you get in on the action? Well, seeing as Patapon is a first-party Sony title, you won't ever see it on DS ... not without the help of the homebrew community, anyhow.

Apparently, someone called E-eragon is working on a DS version of Patapon, looking to upgrade the original title to include stylus controls. Tiny Cartridge discovered a clip of E-eragon's work (posted after the break), and though it doesn't look as smooth as the original, it is by far a rather good-looking copy. Check out the game before Sony slams the law book on this one.

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