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Jay-Z and Eminem headline DJ Hero event

Though our invites to tonight's Activision-sponsored party touted Guitar Hero 5 as the rhythm game to-be-previewed, the marquee in front of the Wiltern Theatre testified otherwise -- the real star of the evening will apparently be DJ Hero.

Oh, and the "secret guest appearances" Activision teased in the invitation are a tad different than we expected as well -- we'll apparently be laying eyes and ears on the musical talents of Eminem, Jay-Z and noted plane crash survivors Travis Barker and DJ AM. Fairly appropriate, considering the night's DJ Hero branding, no? Like, one of the performers has "DJ" in his name.

We'll let you know if we get to lay eyes on Activision's record spinning title. We'll also let you know how our faces are doing at the end of the evening after the aforementioned performers rock (rap?) them off.

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