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Jitterbug updates sole model with Jitterbug J, not just for old folks anymore

Chris Ziegler

Previously billed mainly as a senior-friendly phone backed by a senior-friendly service, Jitterbug has replaced its original device with the very similar Jitterbug J -- a phone that improves on its predecessor in a couple key ways -- and has expanded its target audience to include anyone that wants a no-frills phone that pulls no punches. For $147 contract-free, you'll get new features like Bluetooth support and text messaging (we said no-frills, okay?) plus an improved UI, while unique character quirks of the original -- namely the teardrop shape and rubber cup around the earpiece -- carry over. We'll admit, the fact that it actually emits a frigging dial tone when opened is the coolest feature in years, but the lack of a WebKit-based browser is a deal-breaker for us, guys; calls us when you've muddied your business model by throwing in complicated, hard-to-use features that will appeal to the gadget freak in us, though, okay?

[Via CNET]

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