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PlayStation Motion Controller launching 2010

Majed Athab

Sony's much-rumored PlayStation Motion Controller is real and it will be launching in 2010. Sony showed off its new tech at Sony's E3 press conference and SCEA's Jack Tretton claims it's an experience "closer to real-life than anything you've ever seen."

The PlayStation Controller will work in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, which will capture movements of the motion controller for "true one-to-one tracking." Sony showed off a variety of tech demos for use of the motion controller, including sword swinging fantasy, tank-based third-person shooting, archery, tennis and drawing -- all of which are meant only to demonstrate what is possible with the motion controller and is not the final software for the new peripheral (Those looking for a PS Sports title, sorry).

The developers made it quite clear that the controller itself is still a prototype, though the final product should be ready by 2010. Check out our on-going Sony E3 Liveblog for even more details.

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