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"Samsung Unpacked" event promises a new phone on June 15

Chris Ziegler

It's not every day that you see a manufacturer include an FCC filing-esque shot of a phone's innards as an official teaser, but then again, there isn't much that's ordinary about the way that Samsung's promising to reveal its latest model. The "Samsung Unpacked" event kicks off in three cities around the globe -- London, Dubai, and Singapore -- on June 10, when winners of a competition will start tearing off layers of some magical box, finally reaching the core on the 15th at which point the new model will be revealed to an astonished world. If we were selected to start opening the box on the 10th, mark our words, we'd bust right through to the juicy stuff... which probably explains why we haven't been selected. Anyhow, pictured here is the rear of the set in x-ray vision, so we'd venture to guess it's a candybar or a QWERTY slider -- but maybe more importantly, what OS is it running?

[Thanks, Nigel]

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