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SilverPac SilverFrame packs Windows SideShow, FrameIt -- but is it still a photo frame?


Digital photo frames may have once been among the more predictable gadgets out there, but they're fast becoming something else entirely, as evidenced by SilverPac's new SilverFrame now on display at Computex. While it'll apparently function just fine as a regular 10.1-inch photo frame, the Windows Embedded 6.0-based device also packs a number of tricks up its sleeve -- like Windows Sideshow, Live FrameIt, and 802.11n WiFi -- that turn it into much more of a full-fledged media-playing, internet-connected device. Unfortunately, SilverPac looks to be at Computex in an attempt to woo partners to produce and market the device, so an actual release is no doubt still a ways off.


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