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Synaptics shows off new MacBook-style "ClickPad" multitouch trackpads for netbooks


Synaptics has always been quick to pick up the latest innovation in the multitouch space -- whether its own functionality, or something Apple's brewed up. This latest innovation is squarely in the latter category, with new ClickPad trackpads offering that love-it-or-hate-it buttonless design of the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros (pictured). Synaptics is targeting the new pads at netbooks, which many manufacturers have had trouble fitting regular clickers onto. ClickPads work with Synaptic's latest Gesture Suite 9.1, which includes all the regulars, along with three-finger flick and three-finger press, which lets you start up your computer along with up to six predetermined startup apps. SGS 9.1 is also officially Windows 7 ready, and will be available in OEM systems out of the gate.

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