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Well, Nyko's lost it

Justin McElroy

Guys, Nyko just sent over its line-up for E3 and well, unless they're giving us a little E3 humor (and trust us, we'd appreciate it) the entirety of the company is hopped up on goofballs. More than just out of ideas, Nyko seems to have sacrificed other good ideas on some sort of altar.

The Charge Grip Flex for the PSP we get, it's a grip that charges. But the Type Pad Pro, a keyboard addition for the Nyko Wand? Nutty. And please, let's all just bask in the glow of the Zoom Case, a protective case for the DSi with a 8x zoom built in: You know, for all the serious photography you're doing with the DSi.

See what we mean? Lost it.

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