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HTC Hero "Rosie" ROM demoed on G1

Chris Ziegler

The process for getting HTC's Hero ROM with the so-called Rosie UI onto your G1 isn't necessarily for the faint of heart, so for those looking for a slightly more hands-off experience until HTC gets around to introducing this stuff officially, an installer went ahead and threw together a convenient little demo of some of the Android skin's capabilities. Everything we see here reinforces the understanding that this is a thorough, deep customization of Android, taking UI polish and functionality to the next level -- and happily, HTC appears to have really tailored the experience to Android rather than simply taking TouchFLO and retooling it for another platform. A good example of that is widget support -- we see weather and Twitter widgets demoed here, and there appear to be plenty of others available in the list. There's no telling whether we'll see this skin come to Dreams, Magics, and G1s, but it's at least heartening to know that the G1 has enough horsepower to effectively run the stuff. Follow the break for the video.

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