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Light Blue Optics promises touch-interface pico projectors


A projector that fits in your pocket not enough to impress your jaded self? Then how about a pico projector that also functions as a full-fledged touch interface? While details are a bit scant so far, Light Blue Optics says it is working on producing just that, and says it could be released to OEMs as soon as the end of this year. That projector would apparently be able to pump out WVGA or QVGA images at 10 lumens, and it'd boast an "ultra-wide" throw angle and the ability to correct for optical aberrations, which should allow it to be used on any flat surface like in the concept above. Unfortunately, there's even fewer details on the touch part of the equation, with Light Blue Optics only going so far as to say that it involves an "additional product configuration."


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