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LotRO Book 8 crafting enhancements

Jon Shute

Turbine has posted another developer diary for Lord of the Rings Online, which details changes coming to crafting in the upcoming Book 8 update. The major changes are to the levels of crafted items that can be equipped to smooth out the progression of items through the first 50 levels. All affected crafted items will have their new updated required level after the patch unless the item is currently equipped and would raise the level above the player's current level. This will prevent currently equipped items becoming unusable from the patch.

The rare items used in crafting as mastery options are also being changed. Currently these items just have a cryptic message saying that the item can be used for crafting and no details as to which crafting profession uses them for which level recipes. With the patch these items, such as eyes and claws, will no longer be used and a new system introduced that will drop from sentient creatures and as rare spawns in the resource nodes that contain the initial crafting materials. Any existing optional components players may have will become barter items that can be traded in for the equivalent items in the new system. Finally the last page contains a list of other changes, such as the updating of stack sizes for crafting to 100 items and the introduction of new recipes.

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