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Nintendo press conference Bingo ends in epic failure


The Nintendo press conference had a little bit of excitement this year with the announcement of a more mature Metroid title, but let's find out how we all did with our Bingo card...

Blargh! We all lost, again! Actually, this time around we lost big. Check out the final results after the break.

  • Wii HD revealed: Lawlz.
  • Miyamoto reveals new IP: No hobbies this year.
  • DSi specific 2D Metroid: So close, got a 3D.
  • New Wii colors: Not unless the new color is white.
  • Friend codes are no more: Christmas miracle denied.
  • Pokemon Stadium Wii: Sorry, Pikachu.
  • Earthbound (VC) dated: Mother!
  • Wii Player's Choice: Not unless that choice is "no."
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch: Negative, Snake.
  • Twilight Princess Redux: Nope, but a new Link was announced later.
  • Executive Shanigans: Not as bad as last year, but there was still awkwardness to be had.
  • Mario parties again: We're sure, but not here.
  • New Mario Title
  • Cammie Dunaway talks about her kid: If she did, it wasn't awkward enough for us to notice.
  • MotionPlus talk of the town
  • Merging Wii & DSi points: Nope
  • New Zelda for Wii: Not at the press conference.
  • GameBoy/Color on virtual console: Nah.
  • Kid Icarus: Boo, no.
  • DSi gets its own Virtual Console: Not yet.
  • MotionPlus lightsaber title: Keep dreamin'
  • Wii Fit Plus
  • VC to DSi transfer: Not.
  • Wii gets a price cut: Hahahahahahahahahah (deep breath) hahahahahaahah

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