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The Beatles: Rock Band hands-on!


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We don't know if you're like us, but we've basically been waiting our whole lives to play The Beatles: Rock Band. Well, we got one step closer at E3 2009, as we were able to actually snuggle up close and personal with the full kit and see what was what (and show off our totally sick harmonies on "Here Comes the Sun"). We have to say, Harmonix has absolutely outdone themselves with this bundle -- from the Ringo-style Ludwig drum set to Paul's unmistakable Höfner Violin bass... it's all here, and it all looks brilliant. We took the boys out for a little spin (you can see our own Ross Miller on drums there), and captured just a few photos for your enjoyment. Hit the gallery below for all the goods!

Gallery: The Beatles: Rock Band hands-on! | 49 Photos

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