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The Daily Grind: How do you pick character names?

Lesley Smith

With the Aion EU beta coming up this weekend, it's time to think about names and what I'm going to call my Elyos avatar. Names are important, right? I recently became an auntie and the name of my newborn niece will shape her as a person, the same can be said for our toons. Of course some are obvious, every server will have its Legolas (and variants thereof). Sometimes names are more descriptive, like Banker for your level 2 druid who never leaves the mailbox and occasionally they are puns. For example, my level 4 Paladin is named 'Hikari' which is a Japanese word meaning 'light'. Quite apt eh? Meanwhile, Eshte and Auryn are minor characters in a series of novels I'm trying to write. As for Serisa, well it sounded good at the time and now I answer to it as much as I do to my own name!

So, constant readers, tell me how do you pick your names? Do you pick ones that match your toon's faction? Do you take inspiration from novels or computer games? Do you use the internet to pick a suitable moniker or do you just create one which sounds right? Are they puns or do they mean something specific to you?

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