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Video: Onkyo Sotec C204 hands-on impressions


The wild and crazy guys over at Portable Monkey have just got their hands on one of Onkyo's 10.1-inch Sotec C204 netbooks and were cool enough to share thoughts, impressions, and a madcap YouTube video with all of us. Priced at around ¥49,000 ($511), but seen going for less at various online tech purveyors, the gentleman's first impression of this device was, in a word, "great." Smaller and lighter than even the ASUS Eee PC S101, this bad boy seemed to perform as you'd expect an Atom N270-powered, 1GB, Windows XP Home machine should -- even if it does generate more noise than a little guy like this oughta. Curiosity piqued? Make sure you peep the video (after the break) for this life-affirming hands-on event.

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