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E3 2009: A closer look at Perfect World International: Age of Spirits

Lesley Smith

Freemium MMO Perfect World International, the English-language version of the popular Chinese MMO Perfect World 2, has slowly been taking over the world, having been released in numerous territories including Europe and North America. Well the company behind the game, Perfect World, is at E3 and has been showing off it's newest expansion Age of Spirits, which was announced last month. The game is out now and free-to-play.

Age of Spirits expands the land of Pangu, a realm steeped in Chinese mythology. It adds an elemental twist in the form of genies, tiny fairy-like creatures who hover and offer assistance in battle. Hailing from the Elemental Realm, a world parallel to the Perfect World, they level up as you do and also provide a little more uniqueness to fights. You might know your opponent's class in PVP but you have no idea what kind of genie they might have at their beck and call. Check out a trailer and gallery of brand new screen shots after the jump.

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