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Impressions: Katamari Forever (PS3)


It hasn't been all that long since we last got to check out Katamari Forever, and one of the levels being demoed was actually the same as the previous demo (rolling the Katamari around to plant flowers), so we didn't spend much time with it. Instead, we sought to explore the other stage, which was traditional Katamari fare.

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Let's get this straight: Katamari Forever is a beautiful game. It looks marvelous, and even though we were only able to view the one visual filter (the cel-shaded toon look), we have a feeling the other three will be equally as stunning. Just call it a hunch.

Another new implementation is a bounce maneuver that the Prince can employ at anytime. By hitting one of the shoulder buttons, you can bounce into the air. Or, you can simply use the Sixaxis's motion-sensing abilities to get the same effect without hitting a button. The new maneuver works effectively regardless of what mean gets you to that end, and is especially useful when you're stuck in a corner. Though, it should be mentioned you can't use the Sixaxis to turn or control the Katamari outside of bouncing.

Outside of that, it's really the same experience you've come to know. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the name of the game here for Namco, and most of the improvements promised for the final game are cosmetic in nature. If that sounds fine to you, then you'll likely enjoy Katamari Forever for what it is: an old classic with a new paint job.

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