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Miyamoto: Super Mario Bros. Wii could be better, but the Wii's too weak

Darren Murph

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Look, it's no secret that the Wii is comparatively weak. It always has been, and unless some magical, unicorn-approved firmware update hits in the near future, it always will be. The Big N's Shigeru Miyamoto sat down at E3 this year with GameDaily and confessed as much, stating that he "would like to use Wii Speak more, but [in Super Mario Bros. Wii], the Wii processor is already being taxed." He added that this was all "part of being a developer to work with the tools you have to create new and interesting projects," but it certainly makes us wonder just how much more awesome this console could be with a specifications list fit for this millennium. Ah well, maybe we can actually look forward to native 1080p games from Nintendo next decade... if we're lucky.

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