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Rumor: New iPhone pictures leaked?

Michael Jones

With the increasing evidence that a new iPhone may be just around the corner, we've seen our share of screenshots, speculations, and mock-ups. Now, the Italian iPhone blog iSpazio has posted pictures of what could possibly be the next iPhone (English Translations: here and here).

These images were provided by an anonymous source, who states that the featured photo is a picture of a screen showing an as-of-yet unpublished update to the iPhone page on Apple's website. Reportedly, the website also features the text "Ebony, curious, advanced. The new iPhone is for everyone. Available today." along with references to the phone's "sleek all black build, including the slip-resistant backing and bezel."

As can be seen from the images, the new model appears to feature some interesting changes near the earpiece. In addition to the slot already present on the existing models, both of these images clearly show a wider slot at the top of the face, just below the bezel. Also of note is the small, green LED present near the earpiece on the screenshot. Our tipster suggests this could be part of a front-facing camera. It also looks like the mute/sleep switch has been moved to the top-left of the phone. However, the supposed website image still shows the switch on the top right.

While I personally am skeptical about the LED in the screenshot, these pictures do look promising. What's your verdict? Could this in fact be a first look at the next iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Update: As eagle-eyed reader John points out below, the headphone jack appears to have been moved to the bottom right of the device (if you're looking at the front of the phone). Good catch!

Update 2: After looking closer at these images, I noticed that there is a small button near the bottom of the right side of the phone. It looks to be in the right position for a shutter control when you are using the camera horizontally.

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