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Your Shape Wii fitness title packs in a body-scanning video camera, self doubt


Step aside, Project Natal, Ubisoft plans to bring camera-based body scanning to the Wii for the holidays, with its new Your Shape title. The "game" doesn't really sound like a pleasure, however: the USB camera scans your body and casts moral aspersions on your "shape." Once a 3D version of yourself is captured, you can glare at your TV through the tears and pick a particular segment of your body to work on. You then tell the "game" what sort of training you're going for, and how much time you have, and Your Shape proceeds to build a personalized program for beating you into a pulp -- all the while watching your every move and letting you know you're doing it wrong. You can't tell we're bitter, can you? CAN YOU? Video is after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

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