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WoW Moviewatch: How to paladin XXXII


Just when the world seemed dark and without hope, just when it seemed like there could be no victory, just when it seemed everything that's right and good about the world would be extinguished like a match between Arthas's forefinger and thumb . . . a hero arises. And that hero is Shepiwot.

How to paladin XXXII is the continuation of Shepiwot's How to paladin series, obviously. It's hard to define Shepiwot's genre exactly. He's created something entirely his own. It's not PvP video, obviously, and it's certainly not Belf Rap. But, ultimately, it is unique and without peer. But as I sit here, watching it over and over, like decyphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, I can tell you that it certainly is "How to paladin."

I will close with this simple comment. Holy crikey, I can't believe there are thirty one other installments in this series. Talk about a legacy! I look forward to "How to paladin XXXIII."


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