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Lengda shows off stainless steel X10K netbook, 11.1-inch CULV model


Lengda isn't exactly one of the best known netbook manufactures around, but it looks to have made a decent enough showing for itself at Computex, where it had its new stainless steel X10K netbook on display (pictured above), along with its new 11.1-inch CULV-based M11A laptop. The former of those is basically your average 10.2-inch netbook, but with a bit of added weight from that stainless steel enclosure (and interchangeable cover), although the company is apparently also looking at producing an aluminum version. The M11A, on the other hand, looks to be among the first CULV laptops with an 11.1-inch screen, and sports a more traditional glossy plastic exterior, along with a few bonuses like an extendable TV / 3G antenna depending on the model. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but you can get a closer look at both of 'em after the break courtesy of the folks at

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