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Miffy MP3 player is so cute, it breaks our evil, black hearts

Laura June

In general, we prefer horrifying to adorable -- terrifying to sweet. But, every once in awhile, something so incredibly darling comes along that we simply must draw our fangs back into our mouths and say, "damn, that's cute." mobiBLU's Miffy MP3 player is quite possibly that item for this fiscal quarter. The PMP itself -- that's "Miffy," is a darling rabbit sans mouth but with plenty of 'tude, and the docking station with built-in speaker... well, you can see for yourselves how insane it is. No word on availability outside of Korea, but believe us, we'll be on the lookout for it. Two more shots after the break, hit the read link for a soul-crushing demo video.

[Via Trusted Reviews]

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