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Rumor: Budget iPhone model expected, says


If the promise of a new, faster and video-editing enabled iPhone isn't enough to make you block out time for Monday's WWDC keynote on your calendar, check out the Financial Times report that revitalizes rumors of a new lower-priced iPhone model (iPhone mini? iPhone nano?) said to be ready for announcement on Monday. The new device would also come subsidized with a carrier contract, but would cost buyers just $149US or $99US up front.

While rumors of a cheaper iPhone have been circulating since the original iPhone introduction, the option to split the product line may make more sense now that consumer spending is in recession-tightened mode. Still, PCworld points out that FT's choice of analysts to quote is a little bit problematic; Morgan Stanley's Kathryn Huberty got cited by Seeking Alpha as the worst predictor of Apple's numbers in September 2008.

If you had a choice between a full-featured iPhone capable of video calls and clip capture/editing, or saving $100+ on a 4GB model with capabilities similar to today's iPhone 3G, which would you choose?

[via Engadget]

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