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WRUP: Garage inferno edition

Eliah Hecht

Once again, a weekend has appeared over the horizon. And how is the staff going to spend it? Those of us who haven't collapsed with exhaustion from E3 seem to be running all over Azeroth, with approximately 70% less Ulduar than in weeks past. Of course, the excitement doesn't let up - Alex's garage decided to have its own version of the Ignis fight, I think. You can see the result to the right.

Alex Ziebart: I'm going to playing a sweet game called 'oh my god my poor garage.'

Elizabeth Harper: I'm officially not going to be here.

Eliah Hecht: I'll probably be playing my baby shaman. Must get to 30 and Windfury. Flametongue is just not cutting it. That is, unless my girlfriend waylays me again and forces me to play Mario Kart Wii all weekend. I don't know why she likes getting defeated so much.

More after the break.

Matthew Rossi: We killed Yogg and I got my Aesir's Edge last night in our 10 man hard mode attempts. So this weekend I'll be grinding monies for my third Berserking enchant. I know, I know, poor me.

We'll probably finish our Hard Mode 10 man attempts over the weekend, I'll probably be tanking or healing those on the warrior or shaman. Depends on who shows up.

Matt Low: I'll be judging in a competition called So You Think You Can Raid! Its what guild masters do when the evaluation of raider applicants begin. I love summer. Knocks out people for weeks and I gotta be creative and come up with bandaid solutions.

Robin Torres: I'll be playing my druid while The Spawn oohs and ahhs over her different forms. "You turned into a lion! Rawr!"

Christian Belt: After having no reliable internet connection for the better part of a week (moving sucks), I will be collecting what's left of my sanity and trying to get reacquainted with my Mage. He's been lonely, and needs to be taken out for a spin, a little quality time in which to set things on fire and turn things which were not previously sheep into sheep.

Eddie Carrington: This weekend I'm going to be leveling in off the beaten path places and working on my Furbolg rep so I can make it to Winterspring and get a Winterspring Sabre.

Nick Whelan: Having uncovered a cell of Vecna's Cult in a small trade town, my adventuring party must now seek out the local high cleric of Vecna, to stop the Cult's local activity once and for all! Also coursework.

Adam Holisky: Leveling my Paladin.

Zach Yonzon: Singing (no, really) at my old man's 60th birthday party. Probably also going to take another crack at that mind-controlling Cookie Monster wannabe. If that fails (which is kind of likely considering we're now raiding with players off the bench...), I'm probably going to vent all my frustration in the Arenas. Time to call my acupuncturist.

Daniel Whitcomb: Now that I'm back in town, I'll probably continue leveling my Druid. Of course, my Diablo II Druid has been calling to me as of late as well, which is in part why the WoW one is not 80 yet.

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