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Star Vault reveals Mortal Online beta and pre-order details, launch info

James Egan

Another competitor in the hardcore PvP niche in MMOs may give Darkfall Online a run for their money: Mortal Online from Sweden-based developer Star Vault. The game is presently in closed beta and is about to get its first test of the release build. The real news here is that Mortal Online has announced its open beta and release schedules.

Pre-orders for Mortal Online will begin on June 29th via the official site, and the actual launch (with monthly subscriptions) is slated for Q4 2009. Anyone who pre-orders the game "in any of the formats available" will have access to all of the beta phases remaining until the title launches. The catch, however, is that the pre-orders are limited to 10,000 people.

Star Vault states: "We have decided to make 10,000 copies of the game available on June 29. The Beta spots will be divided into blocks of 2000. Every second week, starting July 6, we will accept a new block of 2000 players into the beta until we reach 10,000 accounts. This will be done on a first-come first-serve basis, meaning the earlier you book the earlier you'll get in."

As to their mention of available formats, Star Vault says there will be three versions of the game sold in the shop: Digital Download Only; Boxed Version; Limited Edition (999 numbered copies). They clarify that a player's choice of pre-order won't impact their access to the beta phases by stating, "All versions give you free access to the Beta phases. Access to the digital download is not limited to the Digital Download Only version. More info about the different versions will be made available in the shop before it opens."

If this has caught your interest, there are further details in Mortal Online's June announcement from Star Vault, and you may want to check out our previous coverage of Mortal Online as well.

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