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Counting down to WWDC: Last-minute rumors


We're down to the wire -- less than 90 minutes before the WWDC Keynote ramps up, and the rumor mill has wound down to a murmur after a week of wild speculation. Want to read about how the new iPhone will singlehandedly boost your love life, bring you millions of dollars and boast a video camera, Swiss Army knife, automatic can opener and turn into a mini TARDIS? Sadly, those rumors have yet to appear. Except maybe the video camera.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber has been the focus of most of the very last-minute guessing with his thoughts of today:

  • The iPhone 3G ... oh, sorry, iPhone 3GS: It'll be faster, twice the current amount of RAM, video camera, more storage ... those aren't new rumors. But, Gruber says that he's heard that the phone will also receive a name upgrade to the iPhone 3GS. The other nice piece of speculation is that the iPhone 3GS will also have a 15-20% longer battery life over the current model.
  • Cheaper phones for the masses: A $99 version of the iPhone that will not have as many features as its more expensive siblings, though it could just be the existing 3G iPhone at a lower price after the new models are introduced. This isn't exactly that new of a rumor considering that The Financial Times had this one over the weekend.
  • Snow Leopard pricing: Gruber believes we could see Snow Leopard priced as low as $19 considering it doesn't have any major features ... unless Apple manages to pull out something today.
  • Playing with Marble: Of course, that new $129-cost "feature" could be that Snow Leopard will feature a reimaging of the OS's visual appearance. However, it's more likely that a move to "Marble" is slated for OS 10.7.
  • The Holy Grail ... er Mac tablet: It's real, but not today.
To prepare your rumor checklist, check out our other posts rounding up rumors, speculation and just plain ole guessing from over the weekend.

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