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DS trailers and screens you may not have seen yet


Nintendo announced a ton of new games at its E3 keynote, but it announced even more afterward. We've decided to round up the trailers and screens we haven't shown you yet all at once, in the interest of getting all this stuff out as quickly as possible!

The trailer above is for Fossil Fighters, the game released in Japan as We Are Fossil Holders. It's about digging up fossils, reconstructing dinosaurs, and then making them fight. After the break, see trailers for Style Savvy, the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and the new DSiWare lineup, as well as screens for Picross 3D, Glory of Heracles, Style Savvy, and the one game we really wanted to play at E3 but couldn't, WarioWare DIY.

Gallery: Fossil Fighters (DS) | 23 Photos

Gallery: Style Savvy (DS) | 36 Photos

Gallery: Picross 3D (DS) | 24 Photos


Gallery: Glory of Heracles (DS) | 15 Photos

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