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E3 2009: Racing updates zoom into Free Realms

If you're one of the many people who really enjoy the Racing game or Demolition Derby in Free Realms, then you're in for a treat. We learned in speaking to Andrew Sites, Senior Producer for Free Realms, that the team at SOE are hard at work on a huge content update specifically geared (no pun intended) towards the fans of the racing games. The update, currently scheduled for July, will include progression for racing players allowing them to become better racers over time until they eventually unlock a prestige class mechanic. This prestige racer class is slated to allow players to hit level 20.

In addition to the prestige class, we'll also see a new garage being added to the game which will allow players to have a special place to store all their cars. The new garage will also allow players to modify them, including changing speed, braking, handling and all those other spiffy mechanics that racing gamers like to pick from in order to build the car of their dreams. As if this weren't enough, in August, all you Free Realms racing fiends will be treated to a Pro-driver class which will grant new cars and tracks. Should be a turbo-charged series of updates!
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