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Midway mystery man Mark Thomas settles with creditors, receives $5 mil


We'll be straight with you -- the whole Midway legal debacle is far from over. We are, however, one step closer to the dissolution of Midway as it stands now, with the company's creditors and 87% shareholder Mark Thomas reaching an agreement and ending at least one lawsuit. After purchasing the stocks from former majority shareholder Sumner Redstone for the low, low price of $100k, Thomas is cashing out -- he'll be receiving "as much as $5 million ahead of other creditors, whose claims aren't backed by collateral," according to Bloomberg.

The lawyer representing Midway's creditors, Linda Dakin-Grimm, told Bloomberg, "The committee is satisfied with the settlement," noting that it would allow for efforts to collect on other debts to proceed. Warner Bros. Interactive has already put in its $33 million bid for the company, whose auction will end on June 29.

Though many questions remain unanswered regarding the relationship between Sumner Redstone, Midway's Board of Directors and Mark Thomas, one thing is absolutely certain: the folks still employed by Midway are not profiting from the executive shenanigans. We wish them the best and encourage any employee who would like to speak up about their time at the troubled publisher to contact us, anonymity ensured.

[Via GamePolitics]

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