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Pachter: Project Natal and PlayStation Motion Controller won't topple Wii


Sony and Microsoft both had something up their sleeves when it came to motion-based controls at this year's E3, revealing a new controller and Project Natal, respectively. Nintendo has been doing it since late 2006, but this year, both Sony and Microsoft have hopped on the waggle bandwagon. Games analyst Michael Pachter told Edge that despite these new product announcements, Nintendo really has nothing to worry about.

"We do not expect either to displace Nintendo's Wii from its leadership position," Pachter said. He went on further to say that Microsoft's Natal is really only aimed toward interface improvement, and that Sony's new controller is simply "Wii-nis envy," justifying his company's opinion that the Wii will still be the top console for a long time. We're inclined to agree, mostly because Sony and Microsoft's new products won't be on store shelves for quite some time.

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