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Samsung's B5100: S60, but it's no i8910

Chris Ziegler

When we think of S60-powered handsets coming out of Samsung right now, it's pretty difficult to think of anything other than the mighty i8910 HD -- but just like Nokia, Sammy's got a full range of hardware it wants to put out to market, so you've got to fill in the lower-end nooks and crannies just as you would any other. And actually, calling the B5100 "lower-end" really isn't doing it justice since it's got a 3.0 megapixel camera and HSDPA of some non-US variety; it's just that when you put it up against one of the most impressive phones ever made, this thing simply pales. At any rate, it's not announced yet -- the FCC's just seen to it that pictures and the user's manual are now available -- so we'll hold back on not buying it until after it's available.

[Via GSMArena]

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