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The Daily Grind: What did you think of the first weekend of the Aion beta?

Lesley Smith

I spent this weekend in Atreia taking part in the first Aion beta test. I got my mage (and then spiritmaster) to level 10 and managed to explore the fringes of Eltnen by the time the beta ended in the wee small hours of this morning GMT. I would have loved to make it to the full 20 levels but a weekend was never going to be long enough to do that. How did you do?

While I still think the game looks beautiful and I love the look of my Elyos as she glided through the evening air, the beta is by no means finished yet. I'm curious to see the rest before making any firm judgments on the game itself. However I've noticed that opinions are divided both within Team Massively and also people who got into the beta. Some folks loved every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the lore whilst others were bitterly disappointed. So tell me, constant readers, has your opinion of the game changed after playing for a weekend? Are you now more keen to see the full game or have you decided it's not for you? Do you think as many people will login for the next beta and try playing as an Asmodian?

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