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WoW Moviewatch: Candyman


Iryzia created Candyman, a music video featuring the music by Christina Aguilera. The tip about this video comes to us from Nessa, who rightly compares it to Demachic's "Britney Belf" ouevre. And while you may or may not find Blood Elf performers "your thing," I think this is actually a great use of the models. Their elegant hair and broad movements match the genre of the song pretty well.

Of course, I'll admit it was a tad jarring to see the three Blood Elf women dancing and singing it up in the Stormwind auction house. As the video proceeds, though, it becomes pretty obvious that it's just the room being used as a stage. Iryzia's attention to movement, dressing, and setting reinforces the beauty of the video. I especially love her use of red curtains, as the vibrant color helps bring the video to life.

I think Iryzia could produce a lot of cool stuff, and I'm hoping she keeps honing her skills.

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