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Ad & broadcasting company tells government to give everyone HDTV


Being primarily focused on the consumer end of HDTV, we've rarely crossed paths with news from DG FastChannel, but this stopped us in our tracks. Put simply, it's a proposal to turn around some of that analog TV spectrum sale cash and distribute an HDTV to every household in the U.S. that wants one, digital converter box-style (everyone remember how well that worked out?) Considered seriously, we'd assume companies like DG FastChannel and its partners have invested greatly in preparing for HDTV and would love if all their viewers could see it that way, and we can certainly appreciate the idea that watching standard def is fundamentally wrong. Still, new digital divide or not this attention grabbing bit of PR probably has about as much chance of getting high definition in every home as there is of another DTV switch delay in the next three days.

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