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Just Cause 2 looks amazing in developer walkthrough video

Kevin Kelly

Now you can see why our preview of Just Cause 2 was so glowing ... it has 62% more chutes! Yes, it looks this good. Lead game designer Peter Johansson from Avalanche Studios takes us through the game with his sexy accent, and base jumping / parachuting alone looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Seriously, why has no one developed a skydiving game? (Mention Go! Sports Skydiving and we'll hurt you.)

Watch the entire video above (it's long) and you'll see why Spider-Man has nothing on Rico. After all, he didn't carry a gun. The original Just Cause was a slightly buggy mess that was caught up in the changeover from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, although it featured some enjoyable and innovative gameplay. This sequel looks much, much better and we'll be keeping our eyes open for more info before it comes out in 2010.

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