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The Beancat: Nunchuk brings mobility to a bean bag chair


If there is one fault we'd have to say most chairs possess nowadays, it's that they're just too darn stationary. Well, they used to be, anyway, as some ingenious gentlemen have come up with a cool chair mod in what they have affectionately dubbed The Beancat, a labor of love that incorporates the Wii's Nunchuk controller into a device that not only controls Mario on-screen, but also keeps you from having to get up when you want to grab a drink from the fridge.

The chair itself moves a lot faster than we would have imagined, and looks like it isn't the toughest thing in the world to build, though you should know it isn't the cheapest mod in the world should you be on the lookout for some bean bag-infused thrills of your own. Head past the break to check out some video of it in action, and be sure to hit the source link below if you've got the courage to build one of your own.

[Via Engadget]


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