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Ubisoft didn't want to 'water down' Prince of Persia for Wii

Justin McElroy

With its forgiving gameplay, Ubisoft was clearly trying to make the new Prince of Persia appeal to more casual or mainstream audience. So, IndustryGamers asked producer Ben Mattes, why not bring the game to the ultimate casual console: The Wii?

Mattes said that the system just couldn't handle what his team wanted to achieve, saying "the AI of Elika was highly advanced and required a lot of processing power; the world size and dynamic loading, the draw distance, the number of polygons in the characters... If we had done a Wii version, it would have been toned down, probably linear, it wouldn't have been an open-world game, and so it would have been a very different experience. We didn't want to water it down that way."

... Plus, they couldn't have charged Wii owners $10 for the "Epilogue" DLC! No, no, we kid.

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