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Valkyria Chronicles sales increase 400% in April, reveals importance of price cut


Perhaps the old adage "better late than never" applies well here. Valkyria Chronicles, Sega's PS3 exclusive SRPG, earned heaps of critical praise, but never garnered sales worthy of its caliber. Six months after the game's release, Sega is reporting a 400% sales increase in April (versus March), with a sellthrough that nearly matches what the game had during its original release.

A lot of factors play into the revival of Valkyria Chronicles. Sega sponsored a few community contests throughout the web, and introduced DLC to the masses. The final (and most effective) part of this multi-hit attack is Valkyria's temporary price drop to $30.

We're pretty sure if Sega capitalized on the new buzz and introduced a new print at a lower price, Valkyria would have sold even more. Although the game is easily worth the $60, a price cut certainly makes any title more attractive in this economic climate. We're pretty sure Sega could get away with just one more re-release of the game. Imagine this: a "Greatest Hits" version that includes all the DLC and a few episodes of the anime for under $30? We're certain that'll sell even more copies.

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