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Zero MX all-electric motorcycle takes on the trails

Darren Murph

Not one to rest on its ultra-quiet laurels, Zero Motorcycles has just introduced its newest zero-emissions bike: the Zero MX. Hitting the scene just a month and change after we test drove the Zero S, this whip is engineered specifically for track riding and motocross, with the fork, shocks, wheels and tires being all new for this model. In fact, we're told that the MX will enable riders to jump higher and land softer, with a beefier front-end and a "custom rear shock that gives riders a fully adjustable spring preload and easily tuned damping." Better still, it's available as we speak for the not-at-all-reasonable price of $8,250, though at least we're heading in the right direction -- the aforesaid Zero S rang up at nearly ten large (while that Brammo bike we tested today starts at twelve grand). Live action video is after the break.

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